Welcome to IBIWISI Alpacas!

Since 2001 we have been breeding healthy, colorful, huacaya alpacas and we operate with the highest level of commitment to our herd AND to our clients.  The farm is currently the home to over 30 prancing alpacas, 7 cackling hens, 1 very proud rooster, and 4 hugely spoiled cats.

Upon first meeting us, most people ask about the origin of the name “IBIWISI.”  An acronym for the somewhat cynical phrase “I’ll Believe It When I See It,” the name originated from the skepticism of many of my colleagues and peers in New York City when I announced my plan to leave life in the big city for adventure among the alpacas.  Now, settled in my hillside farm enjoying the seasonal rhythm of alpaca life, I occasionally give a little wave to the south and happily think “Believe It!”

IBIWISI Alpacas is located in southeastern Vermont, easily accessible via I-91 from Massachusetts or via Rts 12 & 123 from New Hampshire.  Owned by myself, Cathy McKenny, and run with the assistance of my husband Fred, IBIWISI allows us the chance to live in the rhythm of each season and the gift of appreciating the beauty of this earth. We wouldn’t change it for the world!